The 11th National Forum for English Studies will take place 21-23 April, 2021, at Södertörn University, Huddinge, Sweden. The conference theme is "Rethinking English Studies", which reflects the goal of using the conference to address such questions as the following:

In a global context of rising nationalism and populism, of closing borders and faltering supranational arrangements, what is the role reserved for English? Following Brexit, are we to expect a shift in the symbolic status of the English language and its culture at a European and national level? What can English Studies as an academic field offer society in this context? As the intellectual and professional expectations of students of English change, how is the discipline of English Studies to rethink its purpose and future? The conference will offer an opportunity for teachers and researchers in linguistics, literature, and pedagogy to reflect on these and other questions of relevance to the study of English in Sweden today.

We welcome participation in the form of papers, panels, or workshops related to the Forum theme or to the general area of higher education studies in English linguistics, literature, culture, or language education.

  • Individual papers: 20-minute presentations followed by 10-minute discussions. Abstracts for papers should not exceed 250 words excluding paper title, author names, affiliations, email addresses, reference list and 3-5 keywords.
  • Panels: 90-minute sessions consisting of 3-4 related papers. Abstracts for thematic paper sessions should include the rationale for the session and individual contribution abstracts, altogether not exceeding 1000 words excluding panel title, authors names, affiliations, email addresses, reference lists and 3-5 keywords.
  • Workshops: 60-minute sessions of instruction, discussion, or active participation. Proposals for workshops should not exceed 250 words excluding workshop title, organiser name(s), affiliations, email addresses, and 3-5 keywords.