Södertörn University provides high quality research and education at all levels, offering a friendly atmosphere and an inspiring environment. On offer are courses and programmes in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology. More than 100 courses and programmes are offered in English.

The Södertörn University campus is located in Flemingsberg, about 15-20 minutes by commuter train 48 (southbound towards Tumba or Södertälje) at Flemingsberg Station.

A ticket is required for all bus, subway, and commuter train travel in the greater Stockholm area. Tickets cost 37 SEK for single fare (good for 75 minutes), 155 SEK for a 24-hr pass and 310 SEK for a 72-hr pass. In order to facilitate your travel to and from Södertörn University during the National Forum, it is recommended to buy a travel pass, which can be done at any subway station or even online. For more information, see Stockholm's transportation website at

Commuter train stations in Stockholm include Odenplan, Stockholm City, and Stockholms Södra. Once you arrive at Flemingsberg Station, take the escalator up to the ticketing hall. Exit the ticketing hall to the right, and take the next escalator up to campus level. Exit the hall and walk along the right side of the campus ’mountain’. The main university building, Moas båge, is on the right.